Manufacturer : Cipla
  Content Name : Atorvastatin
  Strength : 10 mg/20 mg/40mg
  Packaging : 10 Tablets

Atorlip tablet contains atorvastatin as active ingredient. Atorvalip tablet is also known as atorvastatin tablet. Atorvastatin belongs to class of cholesterol-lowing medications. Atorvastatin works by reducing the production of cholesterol by the liver by inhibiting HMG-CoA reeducates which is involved in cholesterol synthesis. Atorvastatin also help in decreasing the amount of cholesterol that may be built up on the walls of the arteries. Lowering cholesterol levels in the body can help decrease the risk of heart attacks, strokes or other heart complications. Atorlip helps to blocks cholesterol that is produced in the liver.

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